Our Members


Realm is a password-protected program that is only available for NPC members. Realm includes our Church Directory, Pledging and Giving information, and Group Communications. If you need to create an account or have questions, please send an email to npcadmin@newnanpres.org or call 770-253-4405.

Officers and Leaders


Deacons are chosen by the congregation as the “caregivers,” being the “eyes and ears” to the needs of members of the congregation. They are the “hands and heart” of the church as they minister to particular needs and create opportunities for service and fellowship.

Each of our members is assigned to a neighborhood deacon. Deacons reach out and minister to members and visitors in their neighborhood.

Class of 2023

  • Virginia Stanley - Neighborhood 3
  • Gwyn Kozma - Neighborhood 4/ Co-Moderator
  • Ann Beegle - Neighborhood 7
  • Buzz Flannigan - Neighborhood 9
  • Evie Moss- Youth
  • Kate Davis- Newnan Presbyterian School

Class of 2024

  • Jenna Black - Neighborhood 0
  • Sean Rogin - Neighborhood 1
  • Kim Wise - Neighborhood 10

Class of 2025

  • Walter Krauth - Neighborhood 2
  • Maureen Martin - Neighborhood 5
  • Larry Harkleroad- Neighborhood 6
  • Geri Moss - Neighborhood 8
  • Vicki Hunter - Neighborhood 11

Coweta Country Map


Elders are chosen by the congregation. Together with ministers, the elders exercise leadership, government, and discipline, and have responsibilities for the life of the church. Each elder has responsibilities for a particular ministry.


Class of 2023

  • Mary Howard- Clerk of Session
  • John McGee- Property
  • Tom Moynahan- Worship
  • Nan Newman- Finance
  • Alexander Rice- Youth
  • Chris Rice- Youth
  • Nan Troutman- Christian Education

Class of 2024

  • Joy Gugert- Senior Adult

Class of 2025

  • Dale Bowers- Outreach
  • Bob Coggin- Long Range Planning
  • Skin Edge V- Connections
  • Billy Hearnburg- Personnel
  • Erik Swindlehurst- Communications


You can find information about each ministry and the contact info for the leaders of those ministries here.

Policies and Forms

Ways to Give

Help support NPC and our mission to glorify God and extend Christ’s love in our community and beyond. There are many ways you help support us and our mission, including filling out and printing a pledge card or through:

Online Banking: If you bank online and use automated bill payment, consider adding NPC as one of your payees for consistent, recurring payments.

Bank Draft by the Church: When you choose to give by bank drafting, you can do a one-time transaction or set it up as recurring. Simply contact the finance secretary at the church and provide the information needed to start the draft.

Offering Plate: We will also gratefully accept your cash or checks. There are envelopes located in the pews for your use. You may place your check in the offering plate or mail your check directly to the church.

Stock Gifts: Another way to give to the church and receive tax savings is through a gift of appreciated stock. Please do not bring stock certificates to the church office. Contact the financial secretary for the church’s brokerage account and DTC information. To ensure proper credit of your gift, please advise the NPC financial secretary of the name of the stock and number of shares, as well as instructions for distribution. Click here for more information.

The information from these online forms goes directly to the church financial secretary, giving you both an easy, immediate option and privacy.