Newnan Presbyterian Church

Congregational Meeting - Sunday June 12, 2022

Purpose: To hear an update regarding our church parking situation, HVAC solutions in Barrow Hall, and our tornado damage insurance claim.

  1. Parking - see reverse for campus parking map (to be included on the website for visitors)
    1. 14 spots available near the Cornerstone Garden entrance ramp for members and guests with mobility issues.
      1. 1 Handicapped Space
      2. 7 Ramp Adjacent Spaces
      3. Room for 6 vehicles (3 double parked) directly behind the chiropractor’s office.
    2. All members who are not mobility impaired are encouraged to utilize Barrow Hall parking lot and the lot behind the Emissions 2 Go building.
      1. Foundation Church is graciously allowing us to park in their parking lot across Perry Street from the church.
      2. Foundation Church parking attendants are available to help anyone park regardless of church membership.
      3. Public Parking remains available along Greenville Street, at the Post Office/Federal Building, and in the Tax office parking lot on the corner of Greenville and Salbide.
  2. Barrow Hall HVAC Solutions

a. At the recommendation of an engineer’s report and with four HVAC bids in hand, the recommended solution for Barrow Hall is to replace the failed upstairs system this summer and to delay the replacement of the downstairs system which is still operational in 2023 or 2024.

  1. Upstairs replacement cost is about $185,000 and can be completed with minimal impact to the fall operation of Newnan Presbyterian School.
  2. We currently have $130,000 on hand to contribute to this cost and will need to close a $55,000 gap in the next three months.

3. Tornado Damage Insurance Claim

a. After 15 months of engineer visits, insurance adjuster visits, phone conversations, an unreasonably low settlement offer ($40,000), providing all the information requested, we are still without financial restitution. Therefore our attorneys - with input from Long Range Planning Committee Members, Property Committee Members and Staff Members - are in the process of filing a lawsuit with our Insurance Company, Brotherhood Mutual.

  1. The attorney’s fees for this project are built into the accepted bid of $1,600,000 for roof replacement and building repair from Precision Construction and Roofing.
  2. The major repair pieces of this project include:
    1. Sanctuary slate roof replacement
    2. Barrow Hall roof repair
    3. Office Building roof repair
    4. Salbide and Greenville Street Stained Glass window repair and replacement including plexiglass
    5. Gutter and Downspout replacement
    6. Interior replacement or repair of all impacted plaster, drywall, insulation and flooring in the sanctuary building and Barrow Hall building.

Invitation to Participate:

  1. We need you to pray for the successful completion and affordability of the HVAC repair and the Tornado Damage Insurance Claim
  2. We hope that you’ll approach Jon Moss, Neal Davis, and John McGee with any and all questions and concerns you may have. They as well as members of the Long Range Planning and Property committees have graciously volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to shepherd NPC through these capital improvements.
  3. We are asking you to pledge a financial gift toward the end goals of phase two of our “Come Inside!” bicentennial campaign.
    1.  Look for a pledge card in your email and mailbox in the next 2 weeks.

We began our “Come Inside!” bicentennial campaign 4 years ago with three phases in mind of around $350,000 each. The first phase of fundraising was completed last December. We delayed the official start of the second phase due to the unknown factors of the Tornado Damage Insurance Claim and the process of negotiating bids for the Barrow Hall HVAC replacement. We are now ready to begin the second phase of fundraising. The end goal number will not be known until we have settled with our insurance company. However, we do know the numbers and timeline for the repair and replacement of the HVAC in Barrow Hall.

This summer we plan to replace the upstairs units which will cost approximately $185,000. We have $130,000 on hand from phase 1 of the campaign earmarked for HVAC repair which leaves us with a small gap to fill between now and August.

We have been advised by our HVAC engineer and contractor to delay replacing the downstairs HVAC for a year or two if possible to reduce costs in labor and materials. The Property Ministry believes this is indeed possible. According to our HVAC contractor, the cost of the downstairs replacement in a year or two should be around $150,000.