Dear Newnan Presbyterian Church Family,


As we kick off Phase Two of our three-phase bicentennial campaign, we will continue to offer transparent communication and excellent stewardship of the resources entrusted to us. The first portion of this letter details our pressing needs while the second portion details how we got here.


Immediate Needs: We have on hand approximately $130K to begin the repair of the HVAC system in Barrow Hall. The cost for the upstairs portion, which we plan to resolve this summer is $185K. We have a generous matching gift offer of $25K which means we need $30K from the rest of the congregation to accomplish our first goal. If you can make a financial contribution toward this first goal, we ask that you contact:


·      Elder Jon Moss                                              404-405-8487
·      Financial Secretary Karen Geeter     770-253-4405


Opportunity to Participate in Phase Two
Including this initial $55K, the goal for Phase Two is $330K. This covers the entire cost of HVAC replacement upstairs and downstairs for Barrow Hall as well as our tithe for each phase of our campaign.


Here is an explicit ask for your participation.
·      Please pray for God’s will to be done in the resolution of our insurance claim and the projects that we
will engage in to repair and maintain our campus.
·      Please pray for good and timely work to be done regarding this HVAC project.
·      Please prayerfully consider a one-time gift toward this goal or a recurring pledge over the next three years to support the second phase of our bicentennial campaign. Please indicate your level of support by filling out and returning the enclosed pledge card or by emailing or calling Karen Geeter.
If you wish to write a check or make a pledge of support or if you are unsure of where you stand with a previously made pledge to the capital campaign, you can check Realm (via the NPC website or Realm app on your mobile phone), or you can call Karen Geeter at the church office for assistance. If you choose to write a check and put it in the offering plate, please write Capital Campaign in the memo portion of your check.


Context: Along with our congregational meeting from June 12th, this letter and accompanying pledge card constitutes the beginning of Phase Two of our three-phase bicentennial campaign “Come Inside!” In Phase Two, our primary focus will be the HVAC system in Barrow Hall, first the upstairs and within 2 years, the downstairs as well. The final pieces of our Bicentennial campaign which are largely the repair of all stained glass and the preservation plan for the entire sanctuary depend on our Tornado Damage Insurance Claim and we will keep you informed as we know more.


How We Got Here: Four years ago, we initiated a three-phase, nine-year, capital campaign, to preserve our historic campus, as we get ready to celebrate our bicentennial (1828 to 2028) and prepare for our entry into our third century of worship, education, service, and fellowship. We wish to be good stewards of what we have been blessed with, the spiritual and physical blessings of those that have preceded us. We also wish to provide welcoming, functional, and comfortable spaces for worship, education, service, and fellowship for those that will follow us.
In the fall of 2018, through congregational and small group meetings we discerned a list of ten priorities that we hope to address as we raise capital funds to support.


What we have done so far:


1) Retire existing debt – which we have done ($196,000 in debt paid off); we have zero debt
a.      Cornerstone Garden Project
b.      Church Bus
c.      Repay Ms. Melba Sport for her generous loan to purchase the Greenville Street Emissions building, adjacent
to our campus


2)  Enhance our worship experience by upgrading our video and audio capabilities – which we have done ($37,000 invested in hardware, software, and componentry to support better in-person and on-line worshiping experiences)


Current area of focus:
Continue to offer an inviting space for fellowship and education by replacing the aging HVAC units (+20 yrs. old) in Barrow Hall – this is our current focus and opportunity to fund


Future areas of focus:
3)     Preserve the sanctuary by repairing and painting the ceilings and walls
4)     Highlight the beauty of our historic stained glass, while also restoring the structural integrity of walls in our
sanctuary (repair, clean, re-lead, re-frame, and protect the windows)
5)     Enhance our ability to let Christ’s love ring out by preserving our bell tower and bells
6)     Preserve our worship experience by reworking our chancel to increase accessibility and maximize our
worship space
7)     Increase the comfort of our worshiping community by replacing pew cushions
8)     Enhance NPC’s music program for decades to come by upgrading our organ to a custom-built, Allen, digital
9)    Tithe the whole project, by taking 10% of our funds raised, sharing them outside of our four walls and having
a positive impact in our community


We held a Congregational Meeting, on Sunday, June 12th, to share knowledge on the status of:
       Campus parking initiatives
       Our Insurance Claim associated with the March 2021 tornado damage
       The HVAC replacement needed in Barrow Hall


Our current area of focus, highlighted above, is the replacement of non-working HVAC systems in Barrow Hall. The non-functioning systems are in the upstairs portions of the fellowship hall. While we need to replace all the HVAC systems that are 20+ years old, the current scope of work is to replace the upstairs units this summer (July & August 2022). We believe the functioning units downstairs, after thorough assessment, may last another 12 to 24 months.


We have received multiple commercial HVAC contractor bids for the replacement of upstairs units. Costs for demolition, infrastructure, equipment, and labor are anticipated to be $185,000 for this phase of work. We currently have approximately $130,000 in cash on hand, in our capital funds, reserved for this project. These are dollars carrying over from our Phase 1 – Preservation Capital Campaign. We need $55,000 in gifts in the next 90 days to pay for this phase in cash. Based on what we know at this time, we anticipate needing an incremental $215,000 for the HVAC replacement in the downstairs portion of Barrow Hall, sometime in the next 12 to 24 months. As such, the financial ask for our congregation to replace the HVAC systems in Barrow Hall is $400,000 - $130,000 (the cash we have on hand) = $270,000.


We want to offer transparency, confidence in stewardship, and motivation to do what we need to do to not only maintain, but more precisely, preserve our campus and community. We will share more information via email, newsletter updates, and in-person gatherings, as we have it. Thank you for your faithful contributions, in all their forms, to Newnan Presbyterian Church.


I am happy to hear your feedback, thoughts, concerns, or challenges. Feel free to contact me by phone or email as indicated above.


Best Regards,
Elder Jon Moss
Chair of Stewardship and Long Range Planning